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Our Stepping Stones

Our "Five Stepping Stone" Approach

Improving Health, Step by Step

1. A Community of Skilled Experts

Our physicians, therapists, and nurses are professionally trained to provide a wide range of rehabilitative and medical services.

2. A Combination of Therapy

We tailor our recovery plan to fit the unique goals and needs of our loved one.

3. A Culture of Compassion

Our staff is committed to treating the whole resident through patience, understanding, and encouragement.

4. A Continuum of Care

We are distinctly positioned to offer short-term, long-term, and personal care to our residents.

5. A Continuation of Support

Our caring workers provide the support and guidance your loved one needs as they return home so their journey of success can continue.

What people are saying about Macon RHC

“If it were not for the staff at Macon I would have never gotten the opportunity to be with my daughter during the birth of my grandchild. I will be forever grateful to the physicians, therapists, and nurses that helped make my recovery a success!”

Former Resident

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Stepping Stones to Recovery

Learn about our five step approach and how it can improve your health and enhance your life.

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We would be honored to have you visit our campus, so you can see first-hand our passion for the Macon RHC community.

Rehabilitation Services

In addition to a successful rehabilitation plan, it is important to get the medical care you need while you are recovering.